seif – Social Entrepreneurship Impact & Finance

The Social Entrepreneurship Impact & Finance (seif) is a platform where innovative knowledge, social resources and the entrepreneurial potential of all social entrepreneurship community actors are being brought together, to achieve the highest possible social impact.

seif supports individuals or teams whose innovative ideas seek to solve social business challenges. seif provides support from the beginning with the business idea, followed by the development of the business plan and support to the issues relating to the business creation and development.

Professional Program for Social Entrepreneurs

The seif Professional Program provides support throughout the start-up phase and process development of social enterprises. The essence of the seif Professional Programme is the two courses Business Creation and Business Development for Social Entrepreneurship, which are conducted as part of the foundational CTI (the Commission for Technology and Innovation) CTI courses.

These two courses in the seif Professional Programme for Social Entrepreneurs are targeting two phases of building a social enterprise:

  • Business Creation: Start-up phase
  • Business Development: Development phase

The participants of the seif Professional Program will be supported on their way to a professional and long lasting career by offers such as: mentoring, skill training, job exchange and networking.

seif Awards for Social Entrepreneurship

Many social entrepreneurs who are in the start-up phase are encouraged and motivated by the seif Awards for Social Entrepreneurship, in which the most innovative projects will be awarded. Besides the considerable cash prize of 30,000 CHF, it is mainly the visibility in the broad public, which motivates many Swiss and international social entrepreneurs to participate in the seif Awards for Social Entrepreneurship.